Dumb Ways to Die VR, AR and World Tour
Stephen schulze dumbwaysar

AR section of Dumb Ways World Tour

Stephen schulze dumbwaysvr

Dumb Ways to Die VR character high and low poly and in game shots

Stephen schulze dumbwayscharacters

Dumb Ways World Tour characters in game

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Dumb Ways World Tour Environment

Dumb Ways to Die VR, AR and World Tour

VR and mobile games by Playside for the Public Transport Authority of Victoria (PTV)
VR Game is a short prototype that was displayed at the PAX convention in Melbourne, 2017.

VR Game - Modelled and textured character, characters damage states (Shot, cut in half, frozen) and environment props. Setup triggers and positioning for VR hand interactions. Created a variety of particle effects for environment and character.

World Tour - Modelled and textured characters, environments, pristine and destroyed buildings. Setup nodes and triggers for buildings.

More artwork
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