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Animatronics for Skull Island: Reign of Kong - Universal Studios Orlando

CG design and development with Creature Technology Company of 6 Metre tall King Kong animatronic for Universal Studio Orlando's Skull Island: Reign of Kong theme part ride.
Also large animatronic "Meat Weasel" worm creature for display in attraction's queue.

* CG modelling of characters for scale maquettes
* High detail sculpting for moulding silicon creature skins
* CG modelling designs for routing body parts out of foam to be used for fibreglassing and fabric patterning purposes.
* Scale reference guides and other documentation.

Video of Kong's appearance in the ride

Stephen schulze uo riders skull island reign of kong now open 17 1170x731

Kong as seen from the ride carriage

Stephen schulze image12


Stephen schulze ctc mw workshop 01


Stephen schulze ctc mw workshop 03